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Your spine is the motor that drives your brain


What does the brain have to do with the spine?

Let’s talk a little about the connection between the two and the spine’s influence on the development of our brain.

The reason we have a brain and a nervous system is to navigate the gravitational field that we live in. The nervous system is a system designed for movement. Really, only ambulatory animals have a nervous system. We human beings have a very complex brain because we have complex movement patterns and we have very fine motor skills that we developed by standing upright in the gravitational field.

At birth we don’t have many neural connections in the brain. We’ve not yet experienced gravity and are constantly in a flexed position. During the first year, we learn to control our heads, fix our eyes, and stand in an upright posture. This process is what causes an explosion of neural connections and is the basis for psychomotor skills, cognition, and language.

In order to have proper development and brain function, it is essential to have a spine that moves normally and is free of blockages.

Within each joint we have special movement receptors called mechanoreceptors, or proprioceptors, which generate the necessary stimulation to foster the development, growth and proper functioning of neural networks. The movement of the joints of the spine loading these receptors is what generates energy for the brain. The spine is literally the engine that powers the brain, and when the spine is blocked it influences all aspects of our lives: our posture, our physiology and our psychology.

Follow us here and we will be explaining these effects and how chiropractic adjustments can restore movement and alignment to the vertebrae thereby restoring the necessary sensory inputs. Keeping your spine healthy helps keep your brain and nervous system healthy, and that’s good for every part of your life.



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