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Posture and Stress


In this video we talk about stress and its effects on your posture.


Today we’re going to talk about the relationship between stress and our posture. If you’ve been alive in the last year, you know that people are incredibly stressed. And it actually shows up in our posture.

When we get stressed we activate our flexor musculature. This is a defensive position, designed to protect the internal organs and prepare us to either fight or flee from danger. You’ll see the head go forward, the shoulders become more rounded, the low back gets loaded and the knees and feet turn outwards. Obviously, this can create a lot of problems, such as aches and pains in these areas from stressed tissues that were not designed to be in this position for long periods of time.

We also see resources, like glucose and oxygen in the blood, being sent to the peripheral muscles to prepare them for action. This leaves fewer resources for the organs that control digestion, immune function, reproduction and cognition. So these functions are dimished while we stay in this stress state.

What is even more important is that it locks us in a lower emotional state, in a defensive psychology. It affects our perception and the way we view the world and how we interact with others. It affects our relationships. We become irritable and short-tempered. It affects our memory and creativity. It even lowers our defenses, affecting our immune system.

The stress state is meant to be temporary and the energy built up, discharged with movement. But today, more than ever, we tend to live in this state. So if you just don’t feel like yourself and you notice that you´ve been wound up, tight and tense and just not feeling great, chiropractic may be what you’re looking for. We’d love to help you out.



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